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Railway Systems


Ulusoy Railway Systems produce firstly Railway Overhead Line Equipments / Catenary System Solutions by its own R&D Center and contemporary product development approach.

Ulusoy Railway Systems provides Catenary System products used in railway electrification implemented by the studies of its own R&D Center. Ulusoy Railway Systems produces Cantilever Sets, Silicone Composite Insulators, Conductive Accessories (Connectors, Griffs, etc.), Automatic Tensioning Devices and put them at the worlds railways disposal. Ulusoy Railway Systems  observes Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), International Electric Commission (IEC), European Norm (EN) international standards for catenary systems products within the frame of sustainable total quality management approach for all its activities.

Ulusoy Railway Systems proceeds its journey with the motto “to do better”, and it is in cooperation with TCDD Railway Research and Technology Center, METU Welding Technology and Non-Destructive Examination Center, TURKAK accredited laboratories, ICMET Labs / Romania, EGU-HV Labs / Czech Republic and calibration organizations for quality documentation and test works while it continues optimization works for its products.



Ulusoy Railway Systems offer a safe and comfortable travel with LRT, Trams, Urban Mass Transit, Conventional Trains, Metro, Inter-City Transit, Semi Speed and High Speed Trains which are designed to operate up to 300 km/h.

Here are the services that we offer for rail electrification

First of all to determine electrical need and capacities, initial planning and feasibility studies are held.

Simulation studies  of traction power to define and ascend , if needed, suitable energy capacities for all the network or a particular  line

From scratch to last engineering steps, finish design packages (drawings, specifications, staging plans, etc.)

Design of traction power system, including system configuration, developing specifications and design drawings, simulation studies of load flow to optimize the power system design, relay protection system, and safety aspects, including grounding, bonding, and lightning protection.

Design and upgrades of occupancy control system

Electrification of SCADA system interfaces

Corrosion control and stray current mitigation

Addressing power quality issues, including EMI /EMC and harmonic source mitigation

Identifying power issues, including EMI /EMC and harmonic source mitigation

Analysis of faults, defects, and shortcomings in the current electrification systems and solutions for developments in a most cost-effective manner

Construction management and program management of electrification projects